Winter 2011

Laszlo Andor

Active Aging: The European Union’s Employment Initiatives

Laszlo Andor

European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion


Steve Webb

Changing Retirement Ages in the United Kingdom

Steve Webb

Minister of State for Pensions, United Kingdom


Jose Cechin

Living Longer and Better in Brazil: Challenges and Opportunities Faced by a Graying Society

Jose Cechin

Executive Superintendent, Instituto de Estudos de Saúde Suplementar (lESS), Brazil



From the CEO

A. Barry Rand


Social Security: A Viable and Sustainable Safety Net

Nancy LeaMond

Rethinking Public Pension Reform: Could China Adopt a Notional Defined Contribution Model?

Fang Lianquan

Financial Reform: Strengthening Consumer Protection and the Financial Capabilities of Consumers is Essential

George Gaberlavage

The Danish Labor Market Model: Flexicurity

Per Kongshoj Madsen

Combating Chronic Disease in the Developing World

Richard Smith

In Nurses We Trust: The Future Care of Older Persons

Johan Lambregts and Cuno van Merwijk


Active, Productive and Healthy Aging in Germany and the United States

Silke vab Dyk and Maren Turner

Intel-GE Healthcare Alliance: A Model for Chronic Disease Management and Independent Living

Louis Burns and Omar Ishrak


Older People: The Secret Weapon in the Climate Change Challenge

Dr. Gary Haq

Social Security at 75: What makes the US System Unique and How It Compares with Older Countries

Dalmer Hoskins

Economic Security in Old Age

Ann Pawliczko and Michael Herrmann