Old Age Support Ratio, Good Deeds, Value in the Workplace and Training


Old Age Support Ratio—Worldwide, it now stands at 9 persons of working age per person aged 65 or older and is projected to fall to 4 persons of working age per person aged 65 or over in 2050. The level of the old-age support ratio has important implications for the solvency of social security systems.

Good Deeds—Boomers volunteer more than any other US age group. They are most likely to volunteer with an organization; most likely to work with neighbors to fix a community problem; and, most likely to exchange favors with neighbors.

Value in the WorkplaceOlder workers are recognized and valued for having a good work ethic and for providing experience, knowledge, and stability in the workplace. They are loyal employees who can be counted on in a crisis.

Training—With longer careers, training and retraining become ever more important as obsolete skills often lead to premature retirement.