Active Aging: The European Union’s Employment Initiatives

“During the yearlong campaign in 2012, we will seek to encourage policy makers and stakeholders, including companies, to engage in initiatives to promote active, healthy, autonomous aging.”
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Changing Retirement Ages in the United Kingdom

“We believe very strongly that there should be no situations under which people can be made to leave a job simply because they are “too old,” and without any justification.”
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Priorities of Hungary’s EU Presidency: Economic Policy Coordination and the Europe 2020 Strategy

“To create a prosperous economy, as well as to ensure the long-term sustainability of the pension system, the ministry plans to implement measures encouraging an increase in the birthrate and strengthening the family support system.”
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Living Longer and Better in Brazil: Challenges and Opportunities Faced by a Graying Society

“Older Brazilians, especially in the middle and upper middle classes, will rely more and more on private insurance and retirement income to pay for health care services.”
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