Working Caregivers in the United States

"68 percent of caregivers surveyed had to make work accommodations such as taking time off, coming in late, leaving early, refusing a promotion, reducing work hours, changing jobs or quitting."
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Globalization of Health and Health Services

“..the global trade in health services is offering opportunities both for exporting developing countries and importing developed nations.”
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Older and Invisible: The State of Ethnic Seniors in the United States

“The majority of our ethnic senior public housing residents…live every day in fear of the day they will be forced to move to a nursing home and lose their independence, friends and community ties.”
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Social Participation of Older Persons: A Key Factor for the Creation of a Fairer Community

“…the Spanish Presidency supports the European Commission’s proposal to declare 2012 the European Year for Active Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity.”
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Health Disparities and Access to Health Care

“More action also needs to be directed at the determinants of health—improving living and working conditions and policies supporting more positive health-related behaviors.”
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