UNV and AARP Share Values, Working to Influence Positive Change and Improve Lives

In 2012, UNV’s Online Volunteering service enabled hundreds of non-profit development organizations to benefit from the support of 11,000 individuals from 169 countries over the Internet.
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Active Worldwide at Any Age

International volunteers have the opportunity to get to know a culture from the inside while doing valuable community service in a stimulating new environment.
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Don’t Let An International Financial Scam Happen To You

Scammers usually target people with kind hearts, regardless of gender, age, or race. They especially take advantage of individuals they think are vulnerable, such as widows and people with disabilities.
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Exploring Retirement Overseas – Panama

"...in an age of galloping globalization, many parts of the world now offer a standard of living which is quite comparable to that of the United States."
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Travel Effect: A Call to Lead, a Means to Do So

"...travel offers aging Americans a chance to take the lead in building stronger families and, by extension, stronger communities, creating experiences that bring generations of parents and children together. "
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What are You Doing with Your Time?

"...changing the modern relationship of fighting against time to relaxing into and enjoying it requires that we learn to savor the “pause.”
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