"What we need is a radical reinterpretation of longevity that makes elders (and their needs) central to our collective pursuit of happiness and well-being."
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Health Care and Demographic Changes in Mexico

While still a country of young people, Mexico is now showing the first signs of population aging. Currently there are around 8 million older persons, and by 2050 one in every four persons will be over 60 years old.
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The European year of Volunteering 2011: Supporting and Recognizing Volunteers

The European Year will provide a much-needed impulse to set in motion the necessary changes, mainly at the national level, that will make it easier for volunteering organizations and volunteers to do their work, and to do it better than ever before.
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The Polish Pension System—Confronting the Challenges of the Future

Currently, for every 100 people of working age there are 26 people of post-working age, in 2020 the latter figure will be 37, and in 2035, 46.
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