Data: Beyond Information to the Human Voice

"One of the most important advances we could therefore make for more effective policy using scientific data is a radical revision of the way we understand and measure public opinion."
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Equality for Women of All Ages

"Women aged 50 and over already account for 23.6 percent of the world’s female population. Yet, they seem almost entirely invisible within discussions on gender equality in both the developed and the developing world."
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Gender Equality in France

"The French government is committed to equalizing the male and female employment rate by 2025."
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Older Women’s Rights Are Human Rights: 20 Years after Beijing

"With the right policies and supports in place, older adults can—and do—make valuable contributions to their communities, economies, countries, and the world."
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Women as Disruptors of Aging

"...thanks to women leaders like Dr. Andrus, women today are living and aging better than ever before. They are disrupting aging; demonstrating that our later years can be a time of growth."
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Diversity in the Aging Workforce: Why Older Women Matter

Gender diversity research indicates businesses can experience a range of benefits from a workforce that is inclusive of women, including reducing attrition; enhancing innovation, group performance, access to target markets and financial performance; and minimizing legal and reputational risks.
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