Sharing Lessons from Europe in Financing and Delivery of Long Term Support Services

"...unlike health care, LTCSS insurance is a case of incomplete welfare-related insurance as people fail to purchase insurance when its optimal to do so, leaving people in need of care to rely on public support, if and when available, or, if affordable, to self-insure."
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Age-Friendly Communities

Communities that adapt age-friendly features…become more desirable places to live, to visit and to spend time. They also reap economic benefits, injecting new vitality into local business, as consumers of all ages feel welcome and secure.
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City of Elderly Love: Philadelphia, an Age-Friendly and Accessible City

Our administration believes the lynchpin for success as an age-friendly city is accessibility; access to anything and everything in which older people want to participate.
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Medellín: An Innovative and Inclusion-Oriented City

Beyond the creation of areas for improvement in the quality of life of all the people of Medellín, we aim to make citizens the center of each of these transformations.
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Active Worldwide at Any Age

International volunteers have the opportunity to get to know a culture from the inside while doing valuable community service in a stimulating new environment.
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Travel Effect: A Call to Lead, a Means to Do So

" offers aging Americans a chance to take the lead in building stronger families and, by extension, stronger communities, creating experiences that bring generations of parents and children together. "
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WeHelp: Helping People to Help Each Other: The Transformation of a Caring Society in The Netherlands

We frequently refer to living in a 'me' society, but there is great potential in informal support and reciprocity within neighborhoods.
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Raising Global Awareness of Women’s Health Issues

“Through education, prevention, and policy change, we will revolutionize the way Americans think about cancer."
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