UNV and AARP Share Values, Working to Influence Positive Change and Improve Lives

In 2012, UNV’s Online Volunteering service enabled hundreds of non-profit development organizations to benefit from the support of 11,000 individuals from 169 countries over the Internet.
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Aging as an Opportunity for Civil Society Organizations

Many older people are healthy and able and willing to engage in volunteer work. Helping their children and grandchildren to better cope with challenges is a strong motivator for older people and provides meaning and direction to their lives.
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Talent Exchange

More than 500,000 experts come to work or start a business in China every year, including a large number of Americans.
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Active Worldwide at Any Age

International volunteers have the opportunity to get to know a culture from the inside while doing valuable community service in a stimulating new environment.
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Exploring Retirement Overseas – Panama

"...in an age of galloping globalization, many parts of the world now offer a standard of living which is quite comparable to that of the United States."
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Travel Effect: A Call to Lead, a Means to Do So

"...travel offers aging Americans a chance to take the lead in building stronger families and, by extension, stronger communities, creating experiences that bring generations of parents and children together. "
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What are You Doing with Your Time?

"...changing the modern relationship of fighting against time to relaxing into and enjoying it requires that we learn to savor the “pause.”
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Find Yours: Older Americans Embrace the Transformative Power of Travel

With 76 million boomers about to pass age 50, the days of prepackaged, slow-moving group tours is gone. Boomers are reimagining travel, and travel is continuing to shape them as they mature.
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Advancing Knowledge of Telecare for Independence and Vitality in later life (The AKTIVE project)

"It is argued telecare can help to reduce hospital and residential care admissions, and enable individuals to remain in their own homes for longer, which is often cited as an aim as we age."
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How to Market Travel to 50+ Audiences

One of the most common questions I get from friends and fans is, “How do you manage to travel so much at your age?” I love to answer that by saying, “I’m only 70…why wouldn’t I?”
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