More than 500,000 experts come to work or start a business in China every year, including a large number of Americans.

Cooperation Promotes Sino-US Relationship


On November 4, 2013, China's State
Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA) signed a Letter of Mutual Intent on talent exchange and cooperation in Beijing with AARP and the International Executive Service Corps (IESC). The three parties made the commitment to promote Sino-US talent exchange and expertise. I believe this cooperation will build a new bridge for deep understanding and friendship, and carrying out pragmatic cooperation between our two countries and peoples.


Introducing foreign experts and undertaking talent exchange is an important part of China's reform. More than 500,000 experts come to work or start a business in China every year, including a large number of Americans. Foreign experts play an active role in many areas of China's development, such as economy, science and technology, education, culture and health. They not only provide professional and technical support, but they cultivate young talent and entrepreneurs. Experts also find valuable opportunities to display their talents and to develop their careers. We consider them close friends of the Chinese people.


Most of the foreign experts working in China are familiar with two departments, SAFEA and China Association for International Exchange of Personnel (CAIEP). SAFEA is a Chinese government department in charge of foreign expertise exchange and cooperation, including policy and plan formulation, implementation of important cooperation projects, such as the high-level overseas talents introduction program of the “Recruitment Program of Global Experts (1000 Talent Plan)” and other specialized talent exchange projects. CAIEP is a national public service organization for international talent exchange. SAFEA and CAIEP treat each foreign expert working in China as a family member and a sincere friend. We strive to create good working and living conditions for foreign experts in China, and an environment that helps them develop their careers.


China and the US share extensive common interests, and face many common challenges. Given this reality, potential opportunities exist for the two countries to carry out all kinds of talent exchange, especially between professionals. Strengthening talent exchange and cooperation between the two countries helps enhance mutual understanding and further develops bilateral relations. We believe this program will help build a new model of major-country relationship based on mutual respect and shared goals. We look forward to working with AARP and IESC to promote Sino-US bilateral talent exchange, to benefit our two peoples and to promote the progress of human civilization!


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Zhang Jianguo is the Vice Minister for Human Resources and Social Security and Administrator of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs. He also serves as the Vice Chairman and Secretary General for the China Association for International Exchange ofPersonnel.







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