A Legacy of Care: An Interview with H.M. Queen Silvia of Sweden on Improving the Quality of Life for Dementia Patients

I know there is a great sadness to see the person you love fade away more and more. Therefore, greater knowledge of dementia has become a mission for me, and I hope that it will be widely recognized that this is a disease that must be shouldered by the entire society.
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Challenges Facing Older Women

If not addressed, the feminization of aging has the potential to become one of the biggest challenges to gender equality of this century; therefore, these issues need targeted action by governments and international organizations.
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From the Editor: 2016 Print Edition

Globally, we are engaging all sectors in all regions to elevate discussion on the interconnected nature of aging and foster a new approach. We aim to change the conversation and transform the experience of aging.
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Heyday for Older Koreans

To execute Cigna’s business focus for customer centricity, Cigna Korea developed Heyday, which creates new value and contributes to a healthy society.
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Jobs for Korean Boomers

Korean boomers clearly understand the current situation. They do not want to retire and wish to continue working beyond the general retirement age. The words that best describe them are “Neveretiree,” “amortality” (living agelessly), and “dystopic” (not optimistic about future)
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Millennials Shape the Future of Aging

Now representing nearly a fourth of the US population and at 1.8 billion strong worldwide, the millennial generation could be the one to solidify new ideas and norms to improve longer lives.
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Retirement Careers for Women

Retirement as a self-managed career offers professional women freedom to decide what to do and how to do it, which paid working did not allow due to restructuring, increasing demands, added evening and weekend work, or less predictability.
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Seeing a Need for Change

When it comes to employees, we build a work culture that nurtures curiosity, rewards creativity, and provides endless learning opportunities (classes, training sessions, book clubs, speakers, and beyond).
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Shifting the Aging Paradigm

we are setting up at the national level a “high council” that will allow different individuals from all walks of life (young adults, those in middle age, and elderly people) to exchange between them and to be active contributors to the definition of public policies.
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Surprising Effects of Ageism

This article highlights some of the lesser-known negative consequences of age stereotypes that permeate society. But first, it examines some of the psychological processes underpinning ageism that older people may face by revealing how people use and apply the category labels “old” and “young.”
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