A Vision for Age-Friendly Boston

I am honored for the opportunity to work on Age- Friendly Boston. In partnership with AARP, we will learn from, and give back to, this global network focused on building cities and communities that work for people of all ages.
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Dementia-Friendly Banking

"Through our work on the Dementia Friendly Communities Champion Group, set up as a result of the Prime Minister’s call to action, we have been working with Alzheimer’s Society and a cross section of other organizations and businesses to understand the issues faced by people with dementia to help us develop practical solutions."
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Manchester: A City of Firsts

"Before taking on my role as Lord Mayor of Manchester, I had the privilege of serving as the Council’s lead politician for older people. So when it came time to choose a theme for my term as mayor, Age-Friendly Manchester was the natural choice, and it was a perfect opportunity to promote the cause."
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Opportunities of Aging

"Global aging is an achievement to be celebrated. The increase in healthier, longer lives can be a windfall that brings unimaginable benefits to families, communities and national economies."
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Regional Perspectives: Aging in Latin America and the Caribbean

"Aging in LAC countries remains a burden. Despite the recent improvements in the region’s economic situation, there are many differences between countries, and the economic resources dedicated to older people remain very limited."
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Regional Perspectives: Aging in Asia

"the sheer size of the population shifts in the largest economies is remaking the face of Asia and has caused consternation among the oldest and richest countries."
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Spotlight on Arianna Huffington

"We launched Huff/Post50 to question the conventional wisdom that life post-50 is about winding down, and spotlight other Boomers who embrace the idea of taking on new challenges and reinventing themselves, regardless of their age."
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The Rights of Older Persons

"Since the beginning of the mandate, I have sought to continuously engage with different stakeholders around the world to support and develop programs and policies that protect the human rights of older persons."
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West Meets East

"In China, through IESC’s partnership with AARP, our senior experts can apply their deep knowledge and technical expertise in a fast-paced and challenging environment while acquiring valuable new cultural and commercial skills, and this program can also provide a fresh sense of personal and professional worth."
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