Age-Friendly Communities

Communities that adapt age-friendly features…become more desirable places to live, to visit and to spend time. They also reap economic benefits, injecting new vitality into local business, as consumers of all ages feel welcome and secure.
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City of Elderly Love: Philadelphia, an Age-Friendly and Accessible City

Our administration believes the lynchpin for success as an age-friendly city is accessibility; access to anything and everything in which older people want to participate.
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Medellín: An Innovative and Inclusion-Oriented City

Beyond the creation of areas for improvement in the quality of life of all the people of Medellín, we aim to make citizens the center of each of these transformations.
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Korea's Age Boom: How South Korea is Addressing the Reality of Low Fertility and a Rapidly Aging Society

We can surely escape from the aging trilemma. We can do it by changing the status quo, by changing the modus operandi of our economy, and by changing the attitude of people.
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UK Life Reimagined

We need to help decision makers and individuals to stand tall, look the future in the eye, and make the decisions now that will allow us all to enjoy the many benefits that longer life expectancy can bring.
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Find Yours: Older Americans Embrace the Transformative Power of Travel

With 76 million boomers about to pass age 50, the days of prepackaged, slow-moving group tours is gone. Boomers are reimagining travel, and travel is continuing to shape them as they mature.
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mHealth Learning From Emerging Markets: How Developed Nations Can Speed Adoption of Mobile Health Technologies

Health care systems can benefit from disruptive change. This may be one of the pressing global challenges of our lifetime.
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